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National Yangming University, Institute of Public Health
National Yangming University, Institute of Public Health



With 23 years of history since its initial inception, the institute has its faculty and curriculum planning cater to the needs of students and society, and are adjusted in support of the institute’s development focus, taking also to a core philosophy of “culminating public health professionals with a global perspective for realizing social care”.  The institute is backed by five major instituting characteristics,
  1. Diverse student backgrounds
    The students coming from different science backgrounds not only help to bridge the exchange of varied scientific knowledge, but also help to culminate professional talents with varied backgrounds in public health.  The institute designs modulated courses by taking into account the students’ backgrounds for students to choose the program according to their interest and expertise, and aims to develop the students with an innovative thinking, and to aspire the students with their creative potential through the curricular teaching.
  2. Diverse faculty backgrounds and course options
    The institute emphasizes a faculty coming from different academic domains, and the adjunct teachers and part-time teachers are filled by outstanding public health academics from academic hubs and medical institutions, such as the Academia Sinica, National Health Research Institutes, Veterans General Hospital, to name a few. Their specialty domains encompass health services research, epidemiology, community medicine, preventive medicine, health statistics, health administration, health insurance, medical law and policy, international health and the like, who come to form a dynamic, cross-discipline and cross-domain teaching and research team.
  3. Emphasizing globalization and internationalization
    With an international health curriculum, the institute now recruits international students, and the institute also offers financial aid, and encourages the students to participate in foreign international academic exchange, through which to expand the institute students’ global perspective.
  4. Emphasizing on professional medical treatment ethics
    With professional medical ethics background, the institute faculty more than conveys the knowledge on the professional domain of public health, but also offers the professional course of medical humanity, highlight that the institute not only emphasizes on professional knowledge but also strives to design pertinent medical professional ethics courses, through which to attain its philosophy of “culminating public health professionals with a global perspective for achieving social care”.
  5. Emphasizing on rudimentary factual validation training
    Designed to strengthen the student’s factual validation training on research subjects, the institute offers courses including the topics on preventive medicine, topics on biostatistics, epidemiology methodology, health law and politics research, topics on international health among others that expose the students to practical public health subjects and help to develop their rudimentary factual validation training through journal papers, practical case study, or discussions on the students’ dissertation theses.